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ChiroCare is dedicated to putting the care back in health care! Our approach is predicated on providing modestly priced, attentive, healing, patient-specific care with a focus on resolving the patient’s chiropractic issue in a finite timeframe.

Chiropractic care can enhance function by locating and addressing obstacles to the proper biomechanical alignment of bones and joints. Chiropractic treatment is not restricted to neck and back pain only. By assessing the structure and joints of the whole body, Chiropractors can also treat joint and muscle complaints associated with shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle pain and dysfunction. Furthermore, biomechanical displacement of the spine can cause interference to the nervous system. Since your spine affects the nerves in all parts of your body, problems in your spine may be a component in many types of health problems.

    At ChiroCare the initial two-hour chiropractic office visit with Jennifer Rosen D.C. includes:

  • Full body assessment with extensive history and physical exam
  • Treatments include manual therapies and physical therapy modalities —
    including state of the art laser treatment, as well as therapeutic and
    rehabilitative exercise prescription
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations


super pulsed laser




rapid release therapy for scar tissue



Ask Dr. Rosen about her
"Super Pulsed Laser" and
"Rapid Release Technology" therapies - two
effective non-surgical,
drug-free treatment options.

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Super Pulsed Laser

Rapid Release Therapy