Dr. Jennifer Rosen




Dr. Rosen not only recommends but makes extensive use of the services and products for the following resources. Click on any heading to visit their website.

Metabolic Nutrition/Herbal Supplements



Heel USA

Anabolic Laboratories

Apex Energetics

Datis Kharrazian's Book
"Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?"

Gluten Free Products

Living Without - for people with allergies and food sensitivities

Health & Healing

Institute of Functional Medicine

Restorative Exercise Institute™ - Katy Bowman – Biomechanics

Mind & Body Wellness Studio Gail DeSart – Pilates

Ventura Acupuncture Clinic - Kirk Mann
Acupuncture/Homeopathy/Chinese Herbal Medicine
(Website photos courtesy of Kirk Mann)

Cara Mia

Kezia Edwards – Professional Custom Blended Makeup and Skin Care

Hair Free Forever

Cheryl Conway, R.E. – Thermolysis




Super Pulsed Laser

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