Dr. Jennifer Rosen



ChiroCare Modalities

The following are some of the modalites Dr. Jennifer Rosen uses in her practice.

Electrical Stimulation Unit

Electrical Stimulation is a proven therapeutic treatment for the relief of pain and the promotion of soft tissue healing. Electrical impulses are passed into the soft tissues in the area of the injury, which promotes the release of endorphins and natural painkillers to help relieve pain.

Flexion-Distract Table

A Flexion-Distract Table is a special table used in the application of the Flexion-Distraction technique.

Hydrocollator Unit

A hydrocollator is a liquid heating device primarily used in physical therapy to heat/store "hot packs" for therapeutic use. The moist heat of the hydrocollator relaxes the muscles tissue which allows for more specific and deeper massage to an affected area. This increases blood flow to help minimize pain and stimulate healing.

Ultrasound Therapy Unit

Therapeutic ultrasound relieves pain by speeding the healing of a joint, muscle or tendon using ultra-high frequency sound. The therapy works in two ways: 1) the thermal effect speeds healing by increasing blood flow; 2) the vibration stimulates cell membranes encouraging cell repair in inflamed areas.



Super Pulsed Laser

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