Dr. Jennifer Rosen



ChiroCare Services

Quite simply, your health is your most important asset. A small but consistent investment of your time, energy, and money for your health can ensure that you avoid the crisis and extraordinary expense of recovering your health after you've lost it.


Initial Chiropractic Visit - $130

Your first visit will take approximately 2 hours and includes completing patient forms, determining patient history and providing an examination, consultation, treatment and health recommendations.


Subsequent Visits - $65 - 55 min. | $45 - 30 min.

Includes massage, patient consultation and treatment.
Senior discount is $55 -
55 minutes


Laser Treatment - $45

Requires an initial examination.


Payment Options

Cash patients pay for services at the time they are rendered. The acceptance of insurance is made on a case-by-case basis. Dr Rosen can accept medical insurance that covers out-of-network chiropractor treatment. As a rule, we do not accept Medicare or Medi-Cal insurance.




Super Pulsed Laser

Our Mission is to partner with you in realizing and maintaining your body's full health potential. In so doing, you are given the highest quality natural healthcare we can deliver.